What We Do

Contrary to the widely held ''one-size-fits-all'' perception that there are off-the-shelf solutions for any business, in our experience this is not the case and for many businesses a package solution means extensive compromise, limited functionality and essentially putting a square peg in a round hole. Whether building a system from scratch or modifying our own ERP system we can provide a system which perfectly fits your needs, without compromise.

Microsoft's Blazor represents a quiet revolution. Although relatively new it is stealthily gaining market share as the leading web-assembly-based SPA framework for front-end development allowing C# to be used for both front-end and back-end development.

Although we have many years of desktop software development experience and will continue to develop desktop-based solutions, our future focus is web-based and mobile applications.

Our proprietary report-writer has evolved over many years and allows new reports to be added and exisiting reports change without programming.

Reports are available in Pdf and Excel formats.

We have industry/application specific experience in many industries including Warehousing and logistics, Freight Forwarding, Point-of-sale, Manufacturing, Architectural specifications, REVIT integration, SARS integration, Woocommerce integration, Xero integration, Hardware/DIY wholesalers and retailers and Buying groups.

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