The AVO Difference

With our strong business background, accounting acumen and decades of accounting software development, AVO Software offers an unparalleled pairing of business insight and software development. Pairing this knowledge with development has produced outstanding systems for telecoms providers, manufacturing giants and industry-leaders alike.

From speaking to your staff and clients, researching the history of the business to getting to grips with every factor - intrinsic and extrinsic - that makes your business what it is, we’re serious about understanding who we are developing software for, before we begin. Our client-focused, solutions-orientated approach to software development has seen us design systems for titans across several different industries in South Africa.


The standard of our work is unsurpassed. We go to extraordinary lengths to understand your business from the inside out in order to craft a system that complements your goals and needs. As a small, multi-skilled team, we have the capacity to be hands-on and deliver the excellent standard of quality that we believe in. We pride ourselves on strong communication and delivering superior results, faster. To put it bluntly: you’ll have our undivided attention for the duration of our work together, and our continued support thereon after.

People are at the heart of every business. Which is one of the reasons why we like to get to know our clients as well as their businesses before we start to code. If we find out what makes your business tick, we can design a state-of-the-art system that perfectly accommodates that. A lot of what we do happens outside of coding. In fact, we consider the period before we code to be a make-or-break moment for the system we design.

Our process of getting to know you and your business is an exploratory journey that we go on together. We’re unearthing the history of your business and poring over archives; we’re honing in on patterns of behaviour and guiding principles of your organisation. This is often a collaborative process, but whatever shape or form it takes, it is one that we thoroughly enjoy.

As South Africa’s premium web-based application business, we’re also the leading Blazor software developer in the country. While we’re situated at the very cutting edge of technology, we’re flexible and understand that the right technology must be used to suit the system, rather than designing a system around a kind of technology.

It’s a matter of finding the perfect match between system and technology; a case of providing the comprehensive functionality required to suit the particularities and needs of a client while honouring the unique qualities and advantages that each kind of technology affords us.

The art, science and business of software development drives us. We love creating great software. In an industry where software has become commoditized, turn to the experts. At AVO Software, we understand and appreciate the complexities of software development and that it’s in these nuances where the difference between a successful and unsuccessful business can develop. We only stop coding when we’ve created a masterpiece.

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