Building Great Software

AVO Software is a bespoke software development company with Head Office in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our speciality lies in designing sophisticated systems across multiple industries and we offer a range of systems that we can shape to your specific requirements. With roots in developing complex accounting software, our blend of expertise and signature innovation sets us apart from competitors, guaranteeing every client a premium experience.

Attention to detail

The difference between success or failure of software projects is usually not in the coding or technology but in ensuring that all requirements are met including the often overlooked nuances.


In our fast-paced and continuously changing world system must evolve to ensure companies remain competitive.


We are using cutting-edge web-assembly technology with Microsoft's Blazor front-end framework allowing us to use C# .NET for both front-end and back-end development.


We prioritise obtaining a deep understanding of our client's culture, systems and culture.


We develop systems for desktop, mobile and cloud.


Our customized approach ensure your system suits and fits your business rather than you having to adapt and compromise with an inflexible and unsuitable 'off-the-shelf' package.

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